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Robert Herr 8 Day Railway Cottage Cuckoo Clock

8 day cuckoo clock railway cottage in black waxed finish.

This cuckoo clock connects the original style of the probably best known cuckoo clock, to the old design "railway cottage" with new elegant long case.

This cuckoo clock distinguishes itself by its detailed carving and special antique wax which was developed specially for restoring for old cuckoo clocks. The clock has a very special slowed down cuckoo's call and a specially carved wooden cuckoo which lifts its wings with the call.

This clock is now in stock and is from the company Robert Herr.

The design and carving production is from the contemporary generation of the Herr family, a young enthusiastic Christoph Herr.

Christoph Herr is one of the great craftsmen of the Black Forest. His master carving ability is not only matched by his artistic talent but also by his technical and design capabilities.

This clock is will be a enduring piece of furniture for any home.

'Cuckoo Clock Sales' Australia are proud to offer you a clock from this master clock maker.

The photo below is of a recent trip I took to the Black Forest to meet Christophe and the Herr Family.


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