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410.00 AUD
33cm "Before the Hunt" carved one day cuckoo clock
320.00 AUD
Available in Chestnut Brown and walnut brown and three sizes, 20cm 28cm and 35cm
740.00 AUD
One Day Cuckoo Clock with two melodies and night silent lever.
1270.50 AUD
One day cuckoo clock with music & dancers
1036.00 AUD
One Day Cuckoo Clock with melody 32cm
1065.00 AUD
One Day Cuckoo Clock with melody 39cm
1285.00 AUD
Ref: 86442/4Tki Sculptured solid timber roof and carved front, moving birds that dip in and out of the a nest with chicks. Two melodies and auto night silent movement will run for a week before the driving weights need to be pulled back up.
2990.00 AUD
Eight Day Cuckoo Clock with moving woodcutters, wood chopper and melody. Auto night silent and window lights as the music plays.
2384.00 AUD
Eight Day Cuckoo Clock. "Fighting goats and a girl cleaning her puppies"
686.00 AUD
40cm carved cuckoo clock with three birds and leaves

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