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Battery Quartz Cuckoo Clocks

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250.00 AUD
Engstler 429 Q 29cm tall x 23cm wide cuckoo clock
196.00 AUD
30cm carved five leaves and deer head cuckoo clock with light sensing diode for silent operation when dark.
385.00 AUD
30cm carved five leaves with 12 melodies and dancing couples
230.00 AUD
Carved five leaves and top bird. 35cm Quartz battery cuckoo clock with night sensor and manual on/off switch. Cuckoo call on the hour with echo and babbling brook background sound. This clock comes in a smaller size at 22cm Ref 522 Q $180.00
350.00 AUD
Quartz Cuckoo Clock, pyramid. 26cm
495.00 AUD
Quartz Battery Cuckoo Clock with Music and Dancers

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