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8 Day Musical Cuckoo Clocks

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2550.00 AUD
Eight Day Cuckoo Clock with moving woodcutters and melody
2384.00 AUD
Eight Day Cuckoo Clock. "Fighting goats and a girl cleaning her puppies"
2850.00 AUD
8 day music cuckoo clock railway design. With 36 note Swiss made music movement
1980.00 AUD
8TMT Eight day chalet cuckoo clock with bell tower
1995.00 AUD
A beautiful Black forest house with moving beer drinkers and kissing couple
1733.00 AUD
Schneider 8TMT Eight Day Crafted Chalet cuckoo clock
2100.00 AUD
8 day 'Before the Hunt' musical cuckoo clock.75 cm
1285.00 AUD
Ref: 86442/4Tki Sculptured solid timber roof and carved front, moving birds that dip in and out of the a nest with chicks. Two melodies and auto night silent movement will run for a week before the driving weights need to be pulled back up.

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